Press: Raw Artist Showcase -Runway Summer 2016

Press: Raw Artist Showcase -Runway Summer 2016

June 16th, 2016: Raw Artist of Phoenix Fashion Show

Ahh hmm hmm, I, Vanessa, would like to spill all the details to... drum roll please...(buh-dum buh-dum bum).. City Royals Menswear's first styled runway show! ..with the help of Raw Artist of Phoenix Production. 

Where do i begin, ahh, let's start at the beginning, when my sisters, Veronica, Lidiya and I, decided to open our menswear shop back in November of 2015. Let's call it the calm before the storm. The fun planning days, with "cool clothes" that we would get to hand select and "buy for the store." Ha! Those were our 'naive' ways of thinking about just how 'awesome' it would be to own our own store front business together (imagine a bubble fantasy of skipping around in a well decorated and fun men's clothing shop)... and.. POP!

Day 1 begins, 'reality' sets in (definition of reality: fucking difficult situations). Fast forward to more reality/fucking difficult situations, debuting our first fully styled runway show, alone, with ZERO experience. Many of times I've watched a fashion show live and many of times I have enjoyed them. Gone, far away are those enjoyable memories because we got to experience first hand how coordinated one must be to put on such a production. Lucky for Lidiya and I, this was Veronica's dream, so the pressure was really on for that bitch!.. Any how, long story cut short, the 'bitch' (highly emphasized during that time frame) 'lit the runway' (with our help of course) lol.

Veronica put on a spectacular runway show, found some of the hottest street models Arizona has to offer, and coordinated the most hype runway music, I, have heard, like ever!

Still, can't get the music out of my head.. Fresh off the runway ay ay, i'm fresh off the runway.. 

Check these studs out for yourself.. 


... And BOOM, your welcome!


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